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Rug Societies 1

Armenian Rugs Society- Contact Joseph Bezdjian e-mail:, Website Founded 1980

Cleveland Rug Society- Contact Joan Long e-mail: Founded 1984

Colorado Textile Group- Contact Richard Stewart e-mail: Founded 1993

Gesellschaft der Freunde Islamischer Kunst und Kultur- Contact Christian Erber e-mail:<
Website Founded 1989

Hajji Baba Club- Contact Vinay Pande e-mail:
Website Founded 1932

International Hajji Baba Society- Contact Wendel Swan e-mail: Founded 1965

Kansas City Oriental Rug and Textile Association- Contact Carol Mund e-mail:
Website Founded 1993

Montreal Oriental Rug Society- Contact Ian McLaren e-mail: Founded 1976

New Calgary Rug and Textile Club- Contact Jean Lan e-mail: Founded 1996

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